Century Club Soho Wedding Photography

Century Club Soho Wedding Photography

Century Club Soho Wedding Photography

Mathilde and Keith found me through their friends Rob and Angelina, whose wedding I shot last year. After an initial meeting earlier in the year I was very excited to shot this wedding. Mathilde and Keith promised it was going to be fun and they didn’t disappoint! On the morning of the wedding, on what felt like the hottest day of the year, I met with Mathilde at The Piccadilly, a boutique hotel in the West End and two doors down from the wedding venue. When I arrived the bride-to-be was having her make-up done by the lovely Laura Anne Hair and Make-up. She looked absolutely stunning! Mathilde’s Mum, Grandmother and best friend/maid of honour were with her. I took the dress for some shots while the make-up had the finishing touches applied. Mathilde was very calm and collected, she slipped into her dress and made her way along a bustling Shaftesbury Avenue to the wedding venue, where she met with Eleni (Century Club), who organised the whole day with the greatest of ease.

I left Mathilde with her family and bridesmaid while I slipped back to the hotel. Keith had arrived and was getting into his suit with his best man James. He had already been given a letter from his wife-to-be that morning and I could see emotions were running high already. A quick wrestle with this tie and he was ready to marry his love.

Century Club Soho

Back at the venue, a private members club with a fabulous rooftop terrace, the bride and groom were kept a safe distance from each other until the ceremony began. The ceremony room is beautiful as you will see, an unusual ceiling adds a certain dramatic feel. Decorated beautifully it was perfect for these guys. Their family and friends looked on as emotional readings and vows took place. These two were so excited to to marry each other they even ran back down the aisle before receiving their official certificate. It was very cute and funny seeing the look on the registrars faces!

The speeches were some of the best I’ve heard yet and the party… well the party was definitely unique. I LOVE when guests get involved straight away. It helps when you have talented friends performing.

London Wedding Photographer

If you like what you see here and think I’d be a good match for your wedding then get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Piccadilly hotel wedding prepAndrea Whelan PhotographyShaftesbury avenue wedding Keith and Mathilde-4Piccadilly Hotel Wedding preparationsWedding preparationsBridesmaidPiccadilly Hotel Wedding Preparations Keith and Mathilde-9Keith and Mathilde-10Keith and Mathilde-11Keith and Mathilde-12Keith and Mathilde-13Keith and Mathilde-14Keith and Mathilde-15Keith and Mathilde-16Century Club Soho Wedding PhotographerCentury Club Soho Wedding PhotographerKeith and Mathilde-19Keith and Mathilde-20Keith and Mathilde-21Century Club Soho Wedding PhotographerCentury Club Soho Wedding PhotographerKeith and Mathilde-24Century Club Soho Wedding PhotographerKeith and Mathilde-26Keith and Mathilde-27Century Club Soho Wedding PhotographerKeith and Mathilde-29Keith and Mathilde-30Century Club SohoKeith and Mathilde-32Keith and Mathilde-33Century Club Soho Wedding PhotographerKeith and Mathilde-35Keith and Mathilde-36Keith and Mathilde-37Keith and Mathilde-38Keith and Mathilde-39Keith and Mathilde-40Keith and Mathilde-41Keith and Mathilde-42Keith and Mathilde-43Keith and Mathilde-44Keith and Mathilde-45Keith and Mathilde-46Century Club Soho Wedding PhotographyKeith and Mathilde-48Century Club Soho Wedding PhotographyKeith and Mathilde-50Century Club Soho Wedding PhotographyCentury Club Soho Wedding PhotographerCentury Club Soho Wedding PhotographyKeith and Mathilde-54Keith and Mathilde-55Keith and Mathilde-56Keith and Mathilde-57Keith and Mathilde-58Century Club Soho Wedding PhotographerCentury Club Soho Wedding PhotographyKeith and Mathilde-62Century Club Soho Wedding PhotographerKeith and Mathilde-64Keith and Mathilde-65Keith and Mathilde-66Keith and Mathilde-67Keith and Mathilde-68Keith and Mathilde-69Keith and Mathilde-70Keith and Mathilde-71Keith and Mathilde-72Keith and Mathilde-73Keith and Mathilde-74Keith and Mathilde-75Century Club Soho Keith and Mathilde-77Century Club Soho Wedding PhotographerKeith and Mathilde-79Century Club Soho Wedding PhotographyKeith and Mathilde-81Keith and Mathilde-82Keith and Mathilde-83Keith and Mathilde-84Keith and Mathilde-85Keith and Mathilde-86Keith and Mathilde-87Keith and Mathilde-88Keith and Mathilde-89Keith and Mathilde-90Keith and Mathilde-91Keith and Mathilde-92Keith and Mathilde-93Keith and Mathilde-94Keith and Mathilde-95Keith and Mathilde-96Keith and Mathilde-97Century Club Soho Wedding PhotographerKeith and Mathilde-100Keith and Mathilde-101Keith and Mathilde-102Keith and Mathilde-103Keith and Mathilde-104Keith and Mathilde-105Keith and Mathilde-106Century Club Soho Wedding PhotographerKeith and Mathilde-109Keith and Mathilde-110Keith and Mathilde-111Keith and Mathilde-112Century Club Soho Wedding PhotographerKeith and Mathilde-114Keith and Mathilde-115Keith and Mathilde-116Keith and Mathilde-117Keith and Mathilde-118Keith and Mathilde-119Keith and Mathilde-120Keith and Mathilde-121Keith and Mathilde-122Keith and Mathilde-123Keith and Mathilde-124Keith and Mathilde-125Keith and Mathilde-126Keith and Mathilde-127Keith and Mathilde-128Keith and Mathilde-129


The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple – London Wedding Photographer

The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple – London Wedding Photographer

Sarah and Anthony’s wedding at The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple was epic! These two and their guests made the whole day one to remember by being completely fabulous. I had arranged to meet Anthony’s best man outside the Inner Temple itself at 11am. He was going to show me where the groom and his ushers were getting ready. I arrived early and sat on the bench opposite the magnificent church. If you’ve never been, let me tell you a little about this place. The oldest part of The Temple Church was built in 1185. Just let that sink in for a minute.

I was pondering just how old that was when I heard what sounded like much preparation fun being had from a window above me in the courtyard. I kept my fingers crossed that it was ‘my’ wedding and not the one that was happening somewhere else in the  grounds. The wedding gods were looking down on me because it turned out to be Anthony and and the groom prep room! I made my way up there and started capturing what was to be the best day of his and Sarah’s life together.

After a few shots there I popped over to Sarah and her preparation gang to see what was going on there. It was the perfect amount of calm and relaxed with a bit of nerves thrown in for good measure. Sarah looked amazing! Wearing a white mini dress before she got into her bespoke hand made wedding dress. The first thing I noticed was how jealous I was of her tan!! A few shots later it was time to get into the wedding gown and start walking over to meet her husband-to-be… who at this stage was waiting patiently by the alter. Walking down the long aisle with her Dad by her side and led by her nephew. The look of love between Sarah and Anthony was touching, just like the rest of the ceremony. The choir was extraordinary!

After the ceremony the guests made their way into the Hall for canapés, I sneaked the bride and groom off for some couple portraits. Once done with those, they made their way into their guests for the speeches, a good natter with everyone and of course cake. Which  by the way when you scroll past just note that Anthony made the cake himself!! All by himself.. being a barrister AND a surgeon is tough, he needed to let his hair down by making the most intricate  cake I have ever seen!

Time was ticking though and they had a boat to catch! A river cruise along the Thames was next on the agenda… this is where I left them. I was happy, they were VERY happy and there wasn’t even a drop of rain, in London, in June. If you’ve been in London this June, you’ll know was unusual!!

Inner Temple Wedding London Groom preparations Inner Temple London London Wedding Photographersarahandanthony-9Inner Temple Wedding Photographer sarahandanthony-13sarahandanthony-17sarahandanthony-18sarahandanthony-19Wedding dress inner temple LondonBride and mother Inner Temple Wedding Bridal shoes shot ssarahandanthony-26sarahandanthony-27sarahandanthony-28sarahandanthony-29sarahandanthony-30sarahandanthony-6sarahandanthony-5sarahandanthony-7sarahandanthony-8sarahandanthony-10sarahandanthony-12sarahandanthony-14sarahandanthony-15sarahandanthony-20sarahandanthony-23sarahandanthony-24sarahandanthony-35sarahandanthony-36sarahandanthony-37sarahandanthony-40sarahandanthony-33sarahandanthony-41sarahandanthony-42sarahandanthony-43sarahandanthony-45sarahandanthony-47sarahandanthony-48sarahandanthony-49sarahandanthony-50sarahandanthony-51sarahandanthony-58sarahandanthony-59sarahandanthony-60sarahandanthony-61sarahandanthony-63sarahandanthony-64sarahandanthony-66sarahandanthony-67sarahandanthony-38sarahandanthony-68sarahandanthony-69sarahandanthony-70sarahandanthony-71sarahandanthony-72sarahandanthony-73sarahandanthony-74sarahandanthony-75sarahandanthony-76sarahandanthony-77sarahandanthony-78sarahandanthony-80sarahandanthony-81sarahandanthony-82sarahandanthony-83sarahandanthony-84sarahandanthony-85sarahandanthony-86sarahandanthony-87sarahandanthony-88sarahandanthony-89sarahandanthony-90sarahandanthony-92sarahandanthony-93sarahandanthony-94sarahandanthony-95sarahandanthony-96sarahandanthony-97sarahandanthony-98sarahandanthony-99sarahandanthony-101sarahandanthony-102sarahandanthony-103sarahandanthony-104sarahandanthony-105sarahandanthony-106sarahandanthony-107sarahandanthony-110sarahandanthony-111sarahandanthony-112sarahandanthony-113

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and Camden Town Hall Wedding

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and Camden Town Hall Wedding

Camden Town Hall Wedding Photographer

John and Lucy’s wedding day began perfectly! They met me in the foyer of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. They were excited to head across the road to tie the knot. Walking up to the hotel to meet them, it truly is a remarkable Victorian building, almost fairytale like.

Whilst their guests were getting settled in at the ceremony room over at Camden Town Hall, these two enjoyed their last leisurely stroll as single folk. They were about to promise the rest of their lives to each other.

An (unusually!) sunny day in London, the weather shone for them. There was a great summery feeling around town that day and these two brought even more sunshine with their huge happy smiles.

After the ceremony we popped downstairs for the confetti shots and then we got cracking with the bride and groom portraits. We made use of the stunning marble staircase in the town hall, the beautiful architecture of St Pancras Station and the wonderfully opulent staircase of the Renaissance Hotel.

It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with this lovely, funny couple. I hope you enjoy the photos below.

London Wedding Photographer St Pancras Hotel Wedding London Wedding DSC_6676DSC_6679DSC_6683DSC_6685London Wedding Photographer London Wedding Photographer London Wedding Photographer London Wedding Photographer London Wedding Photographer DSC_6752DSC_6756DSC_6762DSC_6765DSC_6770DSC_6783DSC_6796DSC_6803DSC_6804DSC_6823DSC_6849DSC_6877DSC_6884DSC_6907DSC_6910DSC_6915DSC_6934DSC_6941DSC_7003DSC_7005DSC_7008DSC_7009London wedding portrait London Bride and Groom portrait Camden Wedding Photographer DSC_7040DSC_7044DSC_7047DSC_7053DSC_7056DSC_7083Camden Wedding Photographer St Pancras Hotel Wedding St Pancras Hotel Wedding London Wedding Photographer Camden Wedding Photographer Camden Wedding Photographer Camden Wedding Photographer DSC_7133-EditDSC_7156St Pancras Station Wedding photos Camden Wedding Photographer DSC_7169DSC_7170Camden Wedding Photographer DSC_7174DSC_7177DSC_7182DSC_7195St Pancras Station Wedding Photos DSC_7214DSC_7216DSC_7217-EditDSC_7234DSC_7235

Winter Wedding at The Trafalger Tavern – Greenwich Wedding Photographer

Winter Wedding at The Trafalger Tavern – Greenwich Wedding Photographer

Winter Wedding at The Trafalger Tavern – Greenwich Wedding Photographer

An email landed in my inbox back in October. It was from Debra, mentioning she’s seen me recommended in a Facebook group many times for my family portrait work. Debra was looking for a wedding photographer and as I do a limited number of weddings each year, I suggested we meet up. A week later at a local cafe I found out about the plans she had for the big day. I was gripped and knew instantly that I wanted to be their photographer.

A couple of days after Christmas I packed up my work bag and headed off to their home to start capturing their wedding. When I arrived, Debra was having her make up done and it was all very relaxed and easy going… a glass of champagne here and here and fresh pastries to snack on. The preparations were fully under way! Daren was getting ready just a few doors down in Debra’s sisters house – a bit busier as the kids were there having lunch. I popped my head in as they were about to leave for the venue – The Trafalgar Tavern  – cabs were waiting and there was plenty of last minute ‘have we got everything?’ ‘No we don’t’ ‘Quick grab this…’ though they got off on their journey and arrived in plenty of time to have a stiff drink before things really took off.

The day carried on without a hitch, little Nia walked down the aisle after her Mummy and nearly stole the show from her folks. The ceremony was an emotional but happy event and the speeches were cracking!


Kensington Wedding Photography – Rob and Angelina

Kensington Wedding Photography – Rob and Angelina

Rob and Angelina got in touch with me last year. After a quick meeting a cafe in Greenwich, I immediately knew it was a wedding I wanted to photograph. These two are so incredibly in love, it showed at the initial meeting and it filled the air on their big day.  The wedding took place at 170 Queen’s Gate, the perfect venue for the ceremony and reception. They both prepared themselves to become husband and wife in the Queens Gate hotel across the road.

They were both very nervous but held it together (just about!) to get through the emotional ceremony. After some champagne, I sneaked them away for a few minutes to get the bride and groom portraits. It was so worth it!

They danced the night away to their friends band called The Sweet and Low Down.

I hope you enjoy the images and wish me in congratulating them both and wishing them all the best in the future.


Clare and Penny – Lovekyn Chapel Wedding

Clare and Penny – Lovekyn Chapel Wedding

One of the most beautiful, colourful weddings. I was in love with the styling of this wedding. The ceremony venue, Lovekyn Chapel has to be the most quaint venue I’ve shot in yet. Just stunning! The acoustics were top notch and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

After some (lots) of bubbles afterwards, everyone headed to the local pub for a slap up meal and some very funny, thoughtful speeches. I enjoyed every single second of this wedding!