My Style and Approach

You’re in the middle of it all, surrounded by the people you love the most and everyone is smiling, welling up, or both. It’s overwhelming, wonderful and gone before you know it. That’s why I’m here as your wedding photographer. I want you to enjoy the whirlwind of your day, to live every heartfelt moment and not to worry about missing a thing.

As a portrait photographer I’m a natural people watcher, picking up the subtle characteristics that reveal the personalities of those I photograph. As your wedding photographer I’ll bring all of that experience and observational skill to the day – because I know that gathering your friends and family together is so important to you. In fact, it’s everything.

When you look back at your wedding photographs I want the feelings to come flooding back in images that speak directly to your heart. They’ll be energetic, hilarious, emotional and heartwarming.

Based in London, I’m a mum to two boys. When I take photographs of the fun we have, the experiences we share, the lives we live together, I’m curating their childhood. I want them to look back, not just to know I love them, but to see and feel it too. And I want to give you that feeling as well – of love and joy and celebration.

If you’d like to arrange a chat with me, I’d really love to hear from you.

Dance first, think later, it's the natural order


Andrea Whelan


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