All the questions...

What is your wedding photography style?

I’m in love with honest storytelling. The subtle nuances that make each wedding story unique. I’m driven to press the shutter button when I observe raw emotions, quirks and authentic narrative. All the beautiful moments. I take a creative documentary approach for the majority of the day, though I will work with you to create editorial style bride and groom portraits.

How many photographs will we receive?

For a full day wedding coverage you can expect to receive approx 350 individually edited images.

Who owns the copyright?

As the creator of the images, I retain copyright. Like a writer does with a novel they have written. Don’t worry though, you will have full rights to print and share your images as much as you want to.

What if it rains?

Don’t worry at all! It’s usually a shower in the summer months so we can make time for portraits at another stage in the day. Otherwise, we can create some beautiful indoor shots at any of the venues you have booked.

Do you have insurance?

Absolutely! I have full insurance that covers public liability and equipment. I can provide confirmation of this at any stage as some venues need it.

Do we need to meet you before the wedding day?

It’s not essential but it’s nice. I understand for some weddings that are planned with shorter notice that it’s tricky. We’ll definitely have a chat over the phone though!

What's involved in the booking process?

After chatting/meeting up I’ll send over the wedding questionnaire, once thats back I’ll draw up the contract ready for online signing. A retainer is required to secure the date and the remaining is due 4 weeks before the wedding date.

Do you use a second photographer?

I usually work alone, though if you would like a second shooter one can be arranged. They will be at the same skill level at myself and it will be an extra £595. It’s a great idea if you want full bride and groom prep, if you want different angles and perspectives for some of the bigger moments throughout the day.

Will we receive photos in colour and black and white?

I make a creative decision with each image as to wether they work better in colour or black and white. If you have a preference for either please do let me know before your wedding.

Do you offer engagement sessions?

I do! Engagement sessions are £595 including all the edited digital images.

Do you photograph families?

I do! Check out my website here

What equipment do you use?

I shoot Nikon. I have 2 professional DSLR’s and a backup just in case! I have many, many prime lenses and flashguns and SD cards. It’s not at all overkill and none of it get’s in the way of your day.

Do you need a shot list?

I don’t. Unless you want to provide a short list of groups that you need or you have some VERY special unique shots that you require, it’s best if you leave it to me. Shooting from a long list on a wedding day can interrupt the natural creative flow./ A good wedding photographer will know exactly what they need to shoot and won’t need a list.

Are you a member of any professional organisations?

I am a qualified member of the The Guild of Professional Photographers. It’s a great community of photographers that I have come to know and love over the years.

What if you're sick on the day?

In the highly unlikely event that I am unable to photograph your wedding, I will do everything in my power to choose a photographer from my network, that is of the same skill level and that I know will do a great job for you.

When do you take a break? Do you need to be fed?

I take a couple of breaks throughout a full wedding day. The main one will be when food is served. Lot’s of couples provide food for their photographer as it keeps their energy levels up and keeps them happy! It’s not a legal requirement but it’s very much appreciated. I’m more than happy with a supplier/bar meal.

My family member/friend has a great camera, they'll be taking photos too, is that ok?

Sure that’s ok. I just ask that they don’t get in the way of the important shots. More and more weddings are unplugged these days. It’s a great opportunity for friends and families to be present and with you during your day instead of watching it all via their phone (or high iPad in some cases!).

Have you been featured in any blogs?

I have! My most recent was being featured in Vogue Italia online. Vogue Featured Wedding Image