Sarah and Anthony’s wedding at The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple was epic! These two and their guests made the whole day one to remember by being completely fabulous. I had arranged to meet Anthony’s best man outside the Inner Temple itself at 11am. He was going to show me where the groom and his ushers were getting ready. I arrived early and sat on the bench opposite the magnificent church. If you’ve never been, let me tell you a little about this place. The oldest part of The Temple Church was built in 1185. Just let that sink in for a minute.

I was pondering just how old that was when I heard what sounded like much preparation fun being had from a window above me in the courtyard. I kept my fingers crossed that it was ‘my’ wedding and not the one that was happening somewhere else in the  grounds. The wedding gods were looking down on me because it turned out to be Anthony and and the groom prep room! I made my way up there and started capturing what was to be the best day of his and Sarah’s life together.

After a few shots there I popped over to Sarah and her preparation gang to see what was going on there. It was the perfect amount of calm and relaxed with a bit of nerves thrown in for good measure. Sarah looked amazing! Wearing a white mini dress before she got into her bespoke hand made wedding dress. The first thing I noticed was how jealous I was of her tan!! A few shots later it was time to get into the wedding gown and start walking over to meet her husband-to-be… who at this stage was waiting patiently by the alter. Walking down the long aisle with her Dad by her side and led by her nephew. The look of love between Sarah and Anthony was touching, just like the rest of the ceremony. The choir was extraordinary!

After the ceremony the guests made their way into the Hall for canapés, I sneaked the bride and groom off for some couple portraits. Once done with those, they made their way into their guests for the speeches, a good natter with everyone and of course cake. Which  by the way when you scroll past just note that Anthony made the cake himself!! All by himself.. being a barrister AND a surgeon is tough, he needed to let his hair down by making the most intricate  cake I have ever seen!

Time was ticking though and they had a boat to catch! A river cruise along the Thames was next on the agenda… this is where I left them. I was happy, they were VERY happy and there wasn’t even a drop of rain, in London, in June. If you’ve been in London this June, you’ll know was unusual!!

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